Friday 13 September 2013

ReadItDaddy's First Book of the Week - Week ending 13th September 2013 - The Tiger Who Came To Tea (40th Anniversary Edition) by Judith Kerr (HarperCollins Children's Books)

The Tiger Who Came to Tea
(40th Anniversary Edition)

Written and Illustrated by
Judith Kerr

Published by
HarperCollins Children's Books

We're in for a double-headed splash of Book of the Week gorgeousness this week. First up - A generation-spanning giant, a children's book that's made the leap from the printed page, to app, to stage production. A children's book that has been mulled over by experts reading between the lines for all its hidden meanings and symbolism. Quite simply though, one of our favourite books of all time and one that we'll never get sick of reading.

Which is odd when you consider how quaint it must feel to children who encounter it for the first time. Back in March we reviewed this book on the blog for the first time, and it narrowly (probably unfairly) missed out on being a book of the week back then.

Seeing the beautifully presented Anniversary edition gave us a chance to read it, and read it, and re-read it to appreciate its finer points. I still stick by what I said about the Tiger being a bit of a rotter, and the poor little girl basically showering him with love and getting very little back...

...But my little girl loves this book. She loves it because at its heart it's a magical story that stretches the imagination, inspires children to think about what they'd actually do if - one evening, unexpectedly - a tiger did pop in for tea. At ReadItDaddy Towers the Tiger might moan bitterly about only finding vegetarian food in the house (perhaps the odd can of tuna!) and he'd certainly find no beer in the fridge.

But he'd definitely be showered with love by Charlotte, who can't resist a cheeky tiger!

Charlotte's best bit: She seems to really love the bit where the tiger drinks all the water in the tap (and long discussions ensued about how much water he'd have to actually drink to do that! Phew!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: I like the fact that experts have picked over this book and put a myriad meanings to it, which Kerr (in her wonderful way) draws a huge line through and says "It's a book about a tiger coming to tea, and a little girl's reaction" - Gotta love that Dame!

(Kindly sent to us for review by HarperCollins Children's Books)