Wednesday, September 4, 2013

#ReadItMD13 Theme Week - "Dance and Movement" - Crack some coconuts with Sy Tuck!

For our ReadItMummiesAndDaddies 2013 theme week encouraging dance and movement, Simon Tuck (who penned the  groovy and stomach-churning "Dwaine Pipe" books we featured a while back) has come up trumps once again with a great rhyme to make up a groovy coconut-cracking dance to (I'll apologise for the image I scribbled to accompany it - but Sy's rhyme rocks!)

Try this out on your tiddlers, and see what sort of crazy moves and dances they can come up with (great activity for a first day back at school for Wake up, Shake up sessions!)

Take it away Sy!

Pick The Coconut!

Pick the coconut
Pass the coconut
Catch the coconut
Crack the coconut
Slurp the coconut
Burp the coconut
Climb the coconut tree

Push the pineapple
Pull the pineapple
Slice the pineapple
Dice the pineapple
Munch the pineapple
Crunch the pineapple
Climb the coconut tree

Three bananas
Four bananas
My bananas
Your bananas
Steal bananas
Peel bananas
Climb the coconut tree!

(Repeat faster and faster!)

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