Monday, September 9, 2013

Royal Dolls House Sticker Book by Struan Reid and Elisabetta Ferrero (Usborne Books)

Royal Dolls House Sticker Book

Written by Struan Reid

Illustrated by Elisabetta Ferrero

Published by Usborne Books

We've dressed a lot of dollies with our Usborne sticker books, now it's time to help a certain royal couple move into their dream house with the "Royal Doll's House Sticker Book".

With over 200 stickers to choose from, there's plenty of scope for dreaming up a des-res fit for a future King and Queen, and their new royal baby.

Charlotte enjoyed the book very much, but we still find that we need to 'supervise' quite a bit. She's a stickler for things going in the right rooms and places, and I often think it'd be fun to just encourage her to 'run riot' with the stickers and put them on whichever pages she likes (but she isn't having any of it!).

We were slightly disappointed that towards the end of the book, a lot of the bigger stickers weren't quite cut properly so a few were ruined as we tried to detach them from their backing sheets (not our cludge-fingers, just not quite enough depth to the cut around the stickers). We have had this a few times before but not with Usborne books so it was a little unusual - and the cause of great frustration at times!

However, the quality of the illustrations and the book itself couldn't be faulted. The timely subject matter and the sheer number of stickers to include in each scene meant that (with a few moments to point out which stickers belonged on which pages) we had Charlotte completely and utterly entranced for hours while she meticulously kitted out Will and Kate's bedroom, or baby George's nursery. Personally I loved the dream kitchen!

There'll be more very soon from the Dolls House sticker range - as there's a rather fantastic looking Victorian Dolls House Sticker Book on the way. Watch out for a feature and a review of it very soon!

Charlotte's best bit: Designing the perfect nursery for little George

Daddy's Favourite bit: Gotta love that kitchen! Perfect place to store all those wedding presents like coffee makers and juicers

(Kindly sent to us for review by Usborne Books)

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