Monday, 9 September 2013

Monster Day At Work by Sarah Dyer (Francis Lincoln Children's Books)

Monster Day At Work

Written and Illustrated By
Sarah Dyer

Published by
Francis Lincoln Children's Books

It's almost a pity our place doesn't to "Bring your kids to work" days. If they were even a smidgeon as much fun as the day we read about in Sarah Dyer's "Monster Day At Work", they'd be so much fun.

A little monster is accompanying Daddy to work - so with a smart tie, and a bounce in his step, he's soon off on the morning commute (all morning commutes should be conducted on monster scooters!) and coping with the daily grind. Charts must be drawn, biscuits must be consumed at meetings (Monster offices obviously spend more on their biscuits than we do - I mean they get Doughnuts too!) and before long it's time for lunch!

A brilliant way of seeing the working day through the eyes of children - or at least a little monster child. I loved the bit where the monster says "Daddy has it easy!" because it's the sort of thing I'd imagine Charlotte would say ("All you do is faff around with computers at work, Daddy!")

There's a totally brilliant bit at the end of the book that mums will definitely identify with too.

Charlotte's best bit: Turning daddy's boring stats and charts into rockets and skyscrapers! Boom!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A great little story with fresh and brilliant artwork (just loved that monster scooter commute!) and a knowing wink to parents who are office drones.