Monday, September 9, 2013

Moo Said Morris by John Lycett-Smith (Digital Leaf)

Moo, Said Morris

Written and Illustrated by
John Lycett-Smith

Published by Digital Leaf

In our second look at Digital Leaf's upcoming range of children's books, we meet a mouse who doesn't hide his light under a bushel. While his friends are quite content to squeak, eek and wibble their whiskers, Morris likes to Moo!

In fact he doesn't just stop there, he likes to quack too, or woof, or even bellow a loud "EE-AWW!"

This is obviously great cause for concern amongst his friends, family and teachers at school - and the doctor is soon called for to see if there's a reason this otherwise meek little mouse can't settle on a voice of his own.

John Lycett-Smith's book is richly entertaining and comical, and of course the big draw for early readers is to get them to join in and make all the wonderful animal noises themselves as Morris hoots and neighs away.

Have a real hoot with "Moo, Said Morris"

Bold colourful illustrations underpin the story, and we won't give away the ending - but you can be sure that a mouse who can emulate any animal is a very useful fellow to have around in an emergency.

Charlotte's best bit: Morris fearless noise-making saves the day, hooray!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Great to read aloud to children, and of course brilliant to get them to join in with. Moo more for Morris!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Amanda at Digital Leaf)

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