Monday, 2 September 2013

Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Tale of Two Treasures by Kristina Stephenson (Egmont Publishing)

Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Tale of Two Treasures

Written and Illustrated by

Kristina Stephenson

Published by Egmont Publishing

In days of old when knights were bold, and odor eaters weren't invented...a brave (if slightly whiffy) knight rode out on a gallant quest to unravel the enigma of The Two Treasures.

With an ancient map in hand, and Sir Charlie's faithful friend Envelope the Cat to accompany him, he sets out to bring back the treasure for fortune and glory. Sir Charlie doesn't realise that someone else has an eye on his quest though, and in fact someone else steals his sword and armour (and helmet) and decides to set out to nab the treasure first. Could a rather cool Blacksmith's daughter, that Sir Charlie meets along the way, have anything to do with the impostor?

Children love knights and medieval adventures - sadly mostly because of the intensely irritating Mike the Knight (sorry but there it is, we've really gone off him in a big way). Sir Charlie is a much better prospect, and Kristina's book series bounces along with jolly gallantry (we think there are now seven books in the series, phew, and we've only just caught up with this one so we've got a lot more catching up to do yet!)

Younger children will love the huge 'lift the flaps' reveals in the book, but the stories are entertaining and fun (for Charlotte's age group) and the inclusion of a much-needed female character in the book is a definite thumbs up.

Charlotte's best bit: The Blacksmith's Daughter, who turns out to be rather cool (but definitely needs a little more practice with a shield)

Daddy's Favourite bit: Knights of old, and tales so bold are definitely hitting all the right notes at the moment and Kristina's book series is a far more entertaining alternative to that other child-knight that's undeservedly grabbing all the glory.