Monday, September 9, 2013

The Lion and the Mouse by Jenny Broom and Nahta Noj (Templar Publishing)

The Lion and the Mouse

Written by Jenny Broom

Illustrated by Nahta Noj

Published by Templar Publishing

Here's a well-loved fable thoughtfully re-written and presented in a fabulous toddler-friendly format with hard-wearing (chew-proof) card pages, and lots of nooks and crannies to explore.

Lion is king of the jungle, and is not scared of anything. Mouse is quite timid and more than a little bit hungry so when Mouse asks Lion for a lift to sample the juiciest fruit at the top of a high bush, Lion kindly obliges. For what is a great ruler without a dash of humility eh?

Mouse thanks Lion and vows to pay him back for his kindness one day. Of course, Lion finds the prospect of this very amusing - what possible way could a mouse find to pay a lion back in kind?

If you're familiar with this fable, you'll know that mouse does indeed get the chance to pay lion back, and the two become firm friends as a result. We loved the presentation and illustration of this book - the way you can peep through the holes in each page to get a sneaky peek at what lies in store. It's bold and colourful with a nice easy-reading text to accompany the fabulous illustrative style throughout the book. Though technically it's a book that's suited to children younger than Charlotte, as ever, she found it charming and engaging and loved little mouse - who is rather cute!

Charlotte's best bit: Mouse trying to eat a lovely juicy raspberry that's nearly as big as she is.

Daddy's Favourite bit: There are so many rich and varied fables that can stand up to telling and re-telling in children's books and this is one of our favourites. Beautifully presented and retold, a fab book for toddlers everywhere!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Templar Publishing)

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