Monday, October 7, 2013

Always In Trouble by Corinne Demas and Noah Z. Jones (Scholastic)

Always In Trouble

Written by Corinne Demas

Illustrated by Noah Z. Jones

Published by Scholastic

Dogs eh? Wildly unpredictable, mischievous, scampering to and fro with muddy paws and misbehaviour in mind. The doggy scamp, Toby, who is the subject of "Always in Trouble" by Corinne Demas and Noah Z. Jones has a penchant for chewing things, peeing on carpets and rolling in mud (before rolling on the lovely clean kitchen floor). Any food left unattended is fair game but Emma loves Toby anyway despite his foibles.

Mum thinks enough is enough though, and so Toby is enrolled at Doggy Classes to try and make him behave better.

He's the star pupil. Always stays when Emma says "Stay", walks to heel when required, and is quiet, sweet and well-mannered.

After passing the class with flying colours, Toby returns home with Emma but it's not long before he's digging up the petunias, peeing on the carpet again and generally being as big a menace as he was before.

What's wrong with Toby? Why did his classes fail so miserably?

You'll have to read the story to find out, of course. When children's books capture the very essence of what it's like to have a pet - and detail (sometimes in quite grisly detail) that it's not all cuddles and play, it's a fabulous insight for children who haven't got a pet of their own yet - but constantly clamour for one (Charlotte is determined that one day she's going to own about 60 guinea pigs. They might not dig up the petunias but they might play havoc with the soft furnishings or demolish all the greenery in the garden by eating it!)

A fun book full of barking bouncing energy from a pair who obviously know all about dogs and the antics they get up to. Fab find in our library for sure!

Charlotte's best bit: Toby baking some lovely cakes. Did you not know that dogs can bake? Now you do!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Some brilliant illustrations capturing the very essence of doggy behaviour. Toby would probably drive us barking mad but in book form he's wonderful!

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