Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fortunately Unfortunately by Michael Foreman (Andersen Children's Books)

Fortunately, Unfortunately

Written and Illustrated by
Michael Foreman

Published by Andersen Children's Books

Fortunately, we love books like this, where the flow of the story changes from one page to the next - and a young monkey's fate is decided on the flip of a coin. Unfortunately we don't see nearly enough of them, but it's such a great format, it might inspire other authors and illustrators to try it out. Fortunately young Milo, the hero of this tale is a level-headed chap, so when he's asked to return his Grandma's umbrella to her, it's the start of an eventful journey.

Unfortunately not always an easy one. Milo has to be quick witted and clever in order to succeed. Pirates, little aliens, great big aliens and even dinosaurs get in his way.

Fortunately Milo realises just how useful an umbrella can be in the face of danger (or a good soaking!). Unfortunately an umbrella can only stand up to so much punishment before it ends up in a dreadful state!

Fortunately, Milo's Grandma ends up with something far better than an umbrella at the end of the story. Unfortunately we're not going to tell you what that is, you'll have to read the book for yourself!

Fortunately, Michael Foreman's book is brilliant, Milo and his Grandma are awesome characters, and be honest, who couldn't love a book where giant bullying gas-filled aliens get their comeuppance at the end of a pointy umbrella!

Unfortunately we've run out of space for this review. Fortunately, we're happy to tell you our favourite bits!

Charlotte's best bit: The cute and friendly mini aliens who abduct Milo in their spaceship.

Daddy's Favourite bit: This format is not unfamiliar, but it's wonderfully used to brilliant effect in this story!