Wednesday 2 October 2013

Indie Pen-Dance Wednesday Spotlight on "Which Witch is Witch?" by Leyland Perree and Stuart McGhee (Ghostly Publishing Ltd)

Which Witch is Which?

Written by Leyland Perree

Illustrated by Stuart McGhee

Published by Ghostly Publishing

For our semi-regular "Indie Pen-Dance Wednesday" slot we're taking a pre-Halloween look at a spooky little book by Leyland Perree and Stuart McGhee, the dynamic indie duo behind "The Great Reef Race".

We're dabbling in all things supernatural with a gigantic witchy cast, but which witch is which?

There's Mavis, who has the coolest black wig you've ever seen (better than Samuel L. Jackson's afro in "Pulp Fiction!") and Gertrude who has a very skinny cat. Esmeralda lives in a wobbly belltower, and Queenie, who built a beautiful pink castle in a stinky green swamp!

With rhyming text to introduce us to these lovely warty ladies, and fabulous illustrations that are squelchy, spotty and deliciously witchy, the fun begins when children pick a favourite witch - and then try to remember who is who at the end of the book.

We read this in electronic form, and it was great fun flicking through - and a really fun story to read aloud. We also loved all the tiny little details worked into each illustration (also, spotting the Octopus from "The Great Reef Race" making an awesome cameo - hope he didn't end up in the cauldron!)

Fabulous fun, perfect for halloween storytimes!

(You can purchase "Which Witch is Which" via Amazon or via

Charlotte's best Witch: Queenie the Swamp Witch!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Edna, who has the same hairstyle as me!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Leyland Perree)