Thursday, 24 October 2013

Scribbles and Ink: The Contest by Ethan Long (Blue Apple Books)

Scribbles and Ink: The Contest

Written and Illustrated by
Ethan Long

Published by Blue Apple Books

Scribbles and Ink are best friends, but it wasn't always that way. A scribble-loving sketching cat and a paint-loving artist mouse, the two haven't always seen eye to eye - as you'll see from our previous Scribbles and Ink review...!

Thankfully all that is behind them now - or is it - when a drawing / painting competition is announced, to draw or paint the best dinosaur in the world, the doodling duo set to work creating their best efforts.

As we know, dinosaurs are pretty tricky to draw. Scribbles has a go and comes up with something that looks a bit like a plucked chicken. Ink has a go and draws a perfectly oval egg! What on earth can the pair do to improve their chances of winning the grand prize in the competition, a day out at Mudsville getting covered in oozy sticky mud!

That's just the start of their troubles though - because Scribbles and Ink's artwork has a habit of coming to life! Eeek!

This fun knockabout tale had plenty of 'snort out loud' moments for Charlotte, and this dynamic duo are a great inspiration when cracking out the pencils and pens for a spot of drawing. Can you draw a fantastic dinosaur? We'd love to see your efforts!

Charlotte's best bit: "My Boo Boo Baby!" made her laugh out loud!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Fun format (mini chapters), great characters and some lovely laughable rivalry (felt a bit like being back at art college watching Scribbles and Ink politely snip at each other!)

(Kindly sent to us for review by Mat at PGUK / Blue Apple Books