Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Special Guest Blog Post from Charlotte's Grandma - "Rosie Flo's Pool Party" - a press-out-and-colour kit from Rosie Flo

Rosie Flo's Pool Party

Press out and colour kit

From rosieflo.co.uk

We have a very special guest blog post today from Charlotte's Grandma (waves!) who has very kindly written a fab review of something that Charlotte often enjoys playing with when she visits Grandma's house.

Rosie Flo’s Pool Party (Colour and host your own Pool Party at Rosie Flo’s Café). Age 7+

Hello, this is Charlotte’s Grandma! My son-in-law has kindly let me join ReadItDaddy so that I can review the Rosie Flo Press Out and Colour Pool Party for his blog although it is not a book! It is a kit that you press out, colour in, and stand up (and of course play with). It says it is for 7+ years, and although Charlotte (who is only 5 and a half) did OK with it, I feel it would indeed be better for a 6 or even a 7 plus child.

The kit comes as a set of cards with shapes you press out. The pool and café area are fairly easy to assemble but with a few fiddly bits. I had fun slotting in a piece which was a coat hook as well as a shower head! (too hard for Charlotte but a dextrous 7 (or 70) year old could easily manage it) Great for spurring the imagination!

The characters all had to be coloured in, and they even had backs to them (though Charlotte only coloured one side at first!)
I was impressed with the whole kit – good quality card, very imaginatively thought out, and lots of characters to colour in on both sides.

Everything slots together, so no glue is required, and it can be taken apart afterwards to store in its box. Characters only have their clothes drawn so as well as colouring in the clothes the child has to draw their faces, arms and legs for extra fun.

Charlotte was engrossed for several hours while making it, and then played with it for several more!

Check out the Rosie Flo Website for more on this kit and other Rosie Flo goodies: http://shop.rosieflo.co.uk/product/rosie-flo-s-colouring-pool-party

Charlotte’s favourite bit: Playing with the pool once built.

Grandma’s favourite bit: helping Charlotte slot all the bits together and seeing the whole thing take shape.

Charlotte's best bit: Playing with the pool once built.

Grandma's Favourite bit: helping Charlotte slot all the bits together and seeing the whole thing take shape.

(Very kindly written as a guest blog post by Charlotte's Grandma, Angela)

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