Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sock Monster by Lorna Freytag (Story App by Junoberry - iPad version tested)

Sock Monster
Written and Illustrated by

Lorna Freytag

Published by Junoberry

Just who IS that devilishly cute little toothy monster who loves nothing better than dining on our socks? Well he's Sock Monster, and he's the star of a new app (and also a print book - hooray!) from Lorna Freytag. If you've missed Lorna's sumptuous and luxurious illustrative work for books like "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" and the utterly sublime "Wild Child" - which we STILL haven't managed to snag a copy of yet - then you've definitely missed out.

Sock Monster is her latest creation and he's absolutely crazy about socks. Fat fluffy woolly ones, thin stripey sporty ones, ankle socks, walking socks, socks with tassels - you name it, Sock Monster will probably munch on it (though he draws the line at stinky socks, they only give him tummy ache - poor thing!)

But what if all the socks disappear? What can be done? Is there any way that Sock Monster can be saved?

Thankfully Sock Monster's loving owner knows just where to dig up a gigantic pile of socks that will keep Sock Monster munching all day long.

This interactive story app is fabulously presented, easy to navigate (with self read or 'read to me' options, voiced over in a lovely lilting accent). Children will love triggering all the little animations and funny Sock Monster bits (Charlotte got quite obsessive about the washing machine - "WAIT till the lights go on, Daddy! WAIT!")

Sock it to me, baby!

Sock Monster is available now from iTunes.

Charlotte's best bit: Freshly washed socks from the washing machine taste divine!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A lovely and cute little app, loved Sock Monster's frantic excited wagging tail!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Lorna at Junoberry)

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