Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mrs Muffly's Monster by Sarah Dyer (Francis Lincoln Children's Books)

Mrs Muffly's Monster

Written and Illustrated by
Sarah Dyer

Published by
Francis Lincoln Children's Books

We really enjoy Sarah Dyer's monster books! If you recall recently, we spent a happy "Monster Day at Work" finding out what monsters get up to in the workplace. Now we're investigating mysterious happenings as a sweet and charming little old lady starts to exhibit some very odd behaviour indeed!

"Mrs Muffly's Monsters" finds Mrs Muffly running around willy nilly buying the most mysterious things indeed. Assuming that she has a monster tucked up in her cottage, and is buying a huge amount of eggs (because monsters need eggs to soften their monstrous hair) and butter (to rub into monster's sore feet) and jam (because everyone knows that monsters like nothing better than a deep bath filled with strawberry preserve!) to keep the beast mollified, everyone fears the worst.

Even more so when smoke is seen billowing from Mrs Muffly's little cottage one afternoon. What can be going on? What hideous beast has her kidnapped and running around at their beck and call?

You'll have to dip into this delicious story to find out, though the more astute amongst you (including Charlotte) may know exactly what's going on as soon as Mrs Muffly's shopping trip starts.

We love monster yarns and Sarah Dyer knows how to spin a really good one!

Charlotte's best bit: Monster baths. We wondered what it would be like to bath in strawberry jam. Sticky!

Daddy's Favourite bit: What's that crawling under the table at the end? Is it a monster? Is it a monster?

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