Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Reindeer Girl by Holly Webb (Stripes / Little Tiger)

The Reindeer Girl

Written by Holly Webb

Published by Stripes

We absolutely adored Holly Webb's "The Snow Bear" last Christmas, a fabulous and atmospheric snowy book to read a chapter from every night in the run up to the yuletide season. This year Holly has again come up trumps with an equally atmospheric and wonderful story, let's meet "The Reindeer Girl".

Set in the snowy landscapes of Norway, a young girl, Lotta, goes to stay with her Grandmother - who lives amongst the tribes of Reindeer herders. Lotta is introduced to their ways and customs, and of course the utterly beautiful reindeer that are a vital staple for food and transport amongst the folk who look after them.

When a baby reindeer goes missing, it's up to Lotta to embark on a perilous adventure to find the reindeer before the cold claims it. Can Lotta follow in the footsteps of her forefathers and learn their ways?

This is a book to snuggle up with as the cold weather sets in, and the dark nights return. The book is aimed at older children than Charlotte but it's been lovely to dip into, soaking up that wonderful wintry yuletide atmosphere and also learning a lot more about the indigenous tribes who tend deer using ancient methods, even to this day.
A fabulous stocking filler that's sure to be a huge christmassy hit!

Charlotte's best bit: Imagining what it must feel like to be pulled along in a sled by reindeer!

Daddy's Favourite bit: There's some great explanations of the terms and customs that reindeer tribes use, and some fabulous information to use to put together more investigations and activities into those tribes and how they lived / live today.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Stripes / Little Tiger)

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