Friday 8 November 2013

I Told You So by Sarah Arnold (Child's Play)

I Told You So

Written and Illustrated by
Sarah Arnold

Published by Child's Play

Here's an unusual book that made us giggle guiltily in places we probably shouldn't have. Child's Play have a knack for getting behind fairly original story ideas so how about a Nursey who is a crocodile, with two piggies in her charge who seem to be a little less scatterbrained than she is?

Nursey Crocodile doesn't hear so well, her eyesight is atrocious so when she decides to take the piggies out for a walk, what could possibly happen?

As she pushes the pram, animals decide that snuggling under the covers sounds like a brilliant idea - So as the pram gets heavier as lots of animals hitch a ride, Nursey doesn't suspect a thing - despite Ellie's protests.

Just as you think things can't possibly get any worse, a hungry wolf decides that rather than hiding in the pram, he rather fancies scoffing the entire contents (and poor Ellie as well! Eek!) That's about the last straw for Nursey but is it too late for her to help?

We've seen the subject of "grown ups who just won't listen" dealt with in lots of different ways (you'll probably know how highly we rate "Not Now, Bernard" by David McKee) - and this shares "Bernard's" taste for the slightly grisly. We'll let you read for yourself what happens in the end but this is a fantastic if slightly dark book, wonderfully illustrated and shot through from start to finish with a rich hearty humour.

Charlotte's best bit: Wolfy's big fat tummy full of animals. Greedy thing!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Awesome, gruesome, dark and brilliant. What a corker!