Friday, 15 November 2013

Melvin the Luckiest Monkey in the World by Claudia Boldt (Tate Publishing)

Melvin the Luckiest Monkey in the World

Written and Illustrated by
Claudia Boldt

Published by Tate Publishing

A friendship book with a difference here as Claudia Boldt introduces Melvin. He's a monkey who truly believes he's actually the unluckiest monkey in the world. People seem to avoid him in case his bad luck rubs off on them but Melvin's best friend Pete the Penguin always sticks by his side through thick and thin.

One day though, Melvin's constant pessimism drives Pete to distraction and after an argument, Pete storms off leaving Melvin alone - wondering just how much more unlucky he can possibly get. After all, who on earth could be so unlucky as to lose their only friend in the world.

Melvin decides to turn to the comfort of a good banana (or two) to console himself. But once again, lady luck is out for the day as Melvin discovers that someone bought the last banana in town. According to the greengrocer, it was a penguin...

What happens next? Well you know us, we won't spoil a great book by giving away the ending. We've seen many many books that deal with the subject of friendship but "Melvin the unluckiest Monkey in the World" sets out its table in a fairly original way, and helps children develop a love for seeing their glass as half full instead of half empty (a trick I really need to learn sometime!)

Charlotte's best bit: Melvin. Cute, pessimistic but ultimately a durned good friend

Daddy's Favourite bit: I loved Pete, reminded me of a slightly more bonkers Pingu but again a really great friend till the end.