Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Puppy Love by Louise Forshaw (Igloo Books)

Puppy Love

Written by Igloo
Illustrated by Louise Forshaw

Published by Igloo Books

It's always so brilliant when one of our Twitter mates does something cool and groovy that we can get behind. For a very long time Charlotte and I have loved Louise Forshaw's illustrations. Packed with colour, distinctive in style - but above all a huge amount of fun! So seeing Louise make it into print is fantastic - we predict great things!

So what's Louise's first book all about? Dogs, or more accurately cute little pups. We know she draws with an expert eye as the owner of a rather cheeky little Jack Russell scamp herself but what's not to love about a pup called Little Paws who is given as a present to a little girl and instantly becomes her best friend.

Little Paws is fun, loyal, and of course a wee bit cheeky - just the way we like our pups so when the girl goes to school, Little Paws often gets up to no good (like chewing people's shoes - even their lovely rainbow wellies - EEK!)

Louise illustrates the story, told in rhyming text, and her trademark tight linework and fab colours and textures helps little paws practically leap off the page to lick your face until you giggle and squirm.

Charlotte is at that age where, if we let her, she'd run a menagerie with 20 guinea pigs, a brace of cuddly bunnies, perhaps even a Giraffe or an Alpaca - but I think now she'd also love to make room for a cheeky little doggy pal too!

(We've been asked to point out that Louise did not write the book, it was written in-house at Igloo - sorry for any confusion or offence caused)

Charlotte's best bit: The little girl's rather funky rainbow wellies (not too unlike Charlotte's own!)
Daddy's Favourite bit: Cute, colourful and a bouncy rhyming story that's as full of energy as a puppy and definitely as loveable. VERY nice work Louise!

(Kindly sent to us for review by that absolute smasher Munkey_Pants :)