Wednesday, 6 November 2013

#ReadItMD13 Theme Week - "Swords and Sorcery and the realm of fantasy" - A review of "The Crystal Mirror" by Tim Malnick and Katie Green (Vala Publishing)

The Crystal Mirror

Written by Tim Malnick

Illustrated by Katie Green

Published by Vala Publishing

Tying neatly in with our Swords, Sorcery and Fantasy theme for this week, we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to review "The Crystal Mirror" by Tim Malnick and Katie Green. Story anthologies are becoming a very important part of our reading pile, they're usually comprised of stories that are short enough to squeeze in before bedtime - but more satisfying in depth and subject than some of our picture book fare.

"The Cuddliest Monster" - No swords required, he just wants a hug!
In "The Crystal Mirror" five fantasy stories are gathered together that explore the realm of the fantastic and use the fairy story format to offer new and exciting tales to tempt youngsters and draw them in. Cuddly monsters, batty bats, evil kings, fantastic painters and wise young girls are woven into adventures that retain the charm of fabulous classics from The Brothers Grimm or Aesop.

The stories are:

The Cuddliest Monster in the World
Polly, the girl who was always changing
The Story of Oswald the Bat
The Master Painter
The Rainbow Bridge of the Sea

Each story is gloriously illustrated by Katie Green, and this helps the anthology to appeal to Charlotte who loves longer stories but welcomes illustrations in them to break up the text a little.

Our dream art set in "The Master Painter". 

The book is due to launch on 13th November 2013 and can be obtained from the Crystal Mirror Website.
There will also be a launch party on 30th November 2013 if you want to come along and meet Tim and Katie (and a certain cuddly monster too!)

If you're at the point where your children are looking for slightly more demanding but scintillating tales to read and have read to them, this is a fantastic collection of stories.

Oswald the Bat. A brilliant tale of courage and companionship

Charlotte's best bit: The fabulous "Polly, The Girl Who Was Always Changing"

Daddy's Favourite bit: The wonderful "Oswald the Bat" and the lovely bittersweet ending of "The Master Painter"

(Kindly sent to us for review by Vala Publishing)