Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Spells a-popping, Granny's Shopping by Tracey Corderoy and Joe Berger (Nosy Crow)

Spells A-Popping Granny's Shopping

Written by Tracey Corderoy

Illustrated by Joe Berger

Published by Nosy Crow

Seized on in an instant the moment we spied it in the library, we couldn't wait to get home and read "Spells a-popping, Granny's Shopping" from the dynamic duo of Tracey Corderoy and Joe Berger. "Whizz Pop, Granny Stop" and "Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble" are firm favourites, so we definitely wanted to know what the magical witchy granny and her grandaughter Pandora got up to next.

Mealtimes at Granny's house inevitably seem to involve froggy poo (ew) and animal antics, and with the cupboards bare there's nothing else for it but to go shopping.

A simple trip to the supermarket for supplies seems fairly uneventful but when your granny is a dubbleyew eye tee cee haitch things can definitely take an unexpected turn. Granny's taste for mischief clashes with Pandora's wishes for simple grub like fish fingers and baked beans, and soon abject chaos breaks out as Granny waves her magic wand.

We love these books so much, the fact that Granny is pretty naughty - and yet utterly cute (yes I still have a massive book-crush on her), and always finds ways to weave a little magic into Pandora's ordinary everyday life. But sometimes magic does come in handy when naughty robbers are up to no good.

A real rollercoaster adventure ride from start to finish, with us still wanting to see more from Granny and Pandora. Once again there's the brilliant bonus of being able to scan a QR code and have a fabulous reading of the book to accompany you while you're flicking through (making Nosy Crow books essential for busy parents who don't mind plonking their children down with a mobile phone or a tablet and letting someone else read to their child).

Magical stuff. Well done Tracey and Joe, you've done it again!

Charlotte's best bit: The cheeky little animals who invade Granny's kitchen cupboards as soon as the shopping is put away. Greedy beasts!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Fun and entertaining, and a slick production as we've come to expect from "The Crow". More soon please!