Friday 1 November 2013

The Adventures of Bernie and Flora by Annemie Berebrouckx (Book Island)

The Adventures of Bernie and Flora

Written and Illustrated by
Annemie Berebrouckx

Published by Book Island

Book Island's utterly brilliant catalogue of titles finally make it to UK shores today. New Zealanders are very kindly sharing some of their best children's books with us, including this utterly charming and lovely book that simply begs to be read (and hugged!)

"The Adventures of Bernie and Flora" opens with a rather rotund but happy bear, and his best friend - a lovely long-legged crane, languishing in Bernie's garden. Bernie loves his garden and loves to fill it with flowers and trees. It always looks beautiful, no matter what the weather.

Bernie and Flora have been friends for years, they share stories, they cook for one another and there's a strong bond between then. We find out just how strong that bond is when Flora arrives at Bernie's house one day to find his beautiful garden has disappeared, and Bernie can't be found anywhere.

Flora searches the neighbourhood, asking various folk what could've happened to Bernie - and indeed to his wonderful garden.

Can Flora find the answer? Is the answer closer to home than Flora suspects?

This book celebrates friendship and love in such a lovely story that tugs at the heart-strings. If (as I truly hope) this is the first adventure of many for this fabulous duo, we're in for a real treat. Dreamy, cuddly and marvellous!

Charlotte's best bit: Flora dejectedly heads for home while looking for Bernie. But wait a minute, look at her window...!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A lovey-dovey charmer of a book that's fabulous, cuddly and full of 'awws' and 'oohs'

(Kindly sent to us for review by Book Island)