Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Story of Prince George (a Peppa Pig Adventure) by Mandy Archer (Ladybird Books)

The Story of Prince George
(a Peppa Pig Adventure)

Written by Mandy Archer
Illustrated by Ladybird Books

Published by Ladybird Books

Here's a nice and timely release of a book that's bound to appeal to a certain new royal prince (do you think he'd be allowed to watch Peppa Pig? After all, his great grandma starred in her own episode!)

"The Story of Prince George" starts with our favourite time of the day - Bedtime storytime, and Daddy Pig is doing his usual thing of "not calming the children down at all before bedtime" so Mummy Pig steps in.

She tells the tale of a gallant piggy prince who on valiant steed rides to rescue the elegant Princess Peppa. A fearsome Dragon (Dine-saw!) is menacing the royal palace! Can Prince George take on the fearsome foe? Or will he prefer to befriend it!

We love the subtle humour in Peppa Pig stories - and there's a lovely moment at the end of this tale that we're all too familiar with (after all, bedtime stories that you read to your little ones before they go to sleep DO sometimes work on the wrong person, it's true!)

A great little book, not your usual royal tie-in but you never know, Prince George might like this (and dine-saws) too!

Charlotte's best bit: George's Dine-saw taking on a whole new dimension as a huge scary dragon! Grarrr!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Neat tie-in that retains all the Peppa Pig charm. Nice one Ladybird!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Ladybird Books)