Sunday, December 22, 2013

Booky Advent Calendar Day 22 - 22nd December 2013: "Angel's Great Escape" (iPad Interactive Story) by And So We Begin

Booky Advent Calendar Day 22
Angel's Great Escape

Written by Kirstie Rowson

Published by And So We Begin

Who is that rather beautiful angel? Well she's the shining star of a wonderful app that we enjoyed immensely last year, and is still available on the app store.

"Angel's Great Escape" is a fantastic story narrated by none other than Alan Titchmarsh who loans his dulcet tones to a fine christmas story.

Please also stop by and visit the And So We Begin website for more news.

Here's a video of the app in action.  How brilliant does this look? THIS brilliant!!!

Angel's Great Escape (on iTunes)
(On Google Play)
Visit the And So We Begin Website

Charlotte's best bit: Lots of shiny sparkly goodies to prod and play with in the story pages

Daddy's Favourite bit: Definitely one of the best Christmas story apps.

(Very kindly sent to us by And So We Begin)

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