Saturday, December 7, 2013

Booky Advent Calendar Day 7 - 7th December 2013 - "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats (Picture Puffin)

Booky Advent Calendar Day 7
The Snowy Day
Written and Illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats

Published by Picture Puffin

OK it's not technically a christmas book, but any book featuring snow - and a happy little guy in a red suit is ripe for dragging into our Christmas collection. Besides, we don't really need an excuse to tell you just how great a classic Ezra Jack Keats' "The Snowy Day" is.

Why do we love it? Well you have a happy little dude called Peter in it, who looks out of the window one morning to see the urban landscape transformed into a gorgeous white winter wonderland. You have utterly wonderful illustrations as Peter makes his way through the landscape doing all the things we really love to do in the snow (snowball fights, leaving footprint trails and flicking the snow-covered branch of a tree and enjoying an impromptu snow shower).

Most of all I personally love it because it's a book that's lasted through generations to still retain its place as a firm children's favourite. I know we use this phrase a lot on the blog but it really is timeless, and captures the very essence of child-like joy at those first signs of snow (which, if you believe the weather reports, might be happening sooner than you think).

A superb stocking stuffer. Join Peter in his joyful celebration of the magic of snow and all the fun you can have in it. See you on the slopes!

Charlotte's best bit: Peter making a lovely set of footprints, then making another facing the other way by walking backwards (We both do this as soon as the snow falls!)

Daddy's Favourite bit: Beautiful beautiful artwork that stands the test of time. A simple tale but so wonderfully woven together

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