Thursday, 19 December 2013

Indie Pen-Dance Wednesday on a Thursday! "Stumble, Trip, Fall" by Robert Scully (Psst! Books)

Stumble Trip Fall

Written and Illustrated by
Robert Scully

Published by Psst! Books

Bears make brilliant characters in books, and just when we think we can't bear (ha ha) any more bear-based stories, a new one comes along and wins us over.

Though we're a little late with our Indie Pen-Dance day post (we wanted to make sure we read it and gave it a thorough going over but it arrived a little late to slide into our Wednesday review schedule) we still wanted to shout about this book, because it's seriously good knockabout fun.

Bear stumbles, trips and falls - but instead of bursting into tears (as you or I would do) he tries to remember what his mum told him. He can remember the beginning of the line which goes something like "If you ever stumble, trip, fall..." and can remember part of the last line which goes "You will know you are home when you land..." but can't recall the rest, no matter how hard he tries.

Not a nice thing to trip over, a whoah!

Falling over an owch, tumbling on an arrgh, Bear clumsily makes his way home, meeting lots of other animal folk on the way who offer good advice.

With each trip, he remembers a little more of his mother's wisdom - but will Bear ever find his way home?

Poor mole. He hadn't even set an extra place for dinner!

With fantastic artwork that doesn't over-egg each scene (quite reminiscent of Jon Klassen's lovely work), and an entertaining story that slowly builds to the climax at the end of the book, this is a fabulous story that works on many levels, for both younger and older children. It's also a great book to get children joining in with as you read aloud, and they will enjoy piecing together Mama Bear's wisdom as Bear remembers a little bit more with each accident.

Absolutely brilliant!

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About Robert Scully: 

Robert Scully is a professional artist who lives to create.
When he is not at his job as a SVP Design Director for a
design firm, you will find him working, creating, and
exploring the creative universe through his children’s books.

He works in close collaboration with his wife, Anne Scully.
They live and create in New York with their two young children.

Charlotte's best bit: Poor Mole ends up with a bear-sized 'guest' crashing through his kitchen roof. Owch!

Daddy's Favourite bit: I loved this clumsy bear who just wanted to get home (loved the bits where he's stumbling on an oops, or tripping over an aargh!). 

(Kindly sent to us for review by Robert Scully)