Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Indie Pen-Dance Wednesday - Spotlight on "I Don't Like Vegetables" by Mrs C - Having trouble getting your little ones to eat their greens? Step right this way...!

I Don't Like Vegetables

Written by Mrs C!

Illustrated by Julia Jennings

Published by Pavilion Publishing

For our Indie slot this week we're looking at some corkers, and we'll kick off with a fabulous flavoursome tome by the wonderful Mrs C. She knows only too well how devoted children can be to avoiding eating their greens, and in this tale we meet Spike - a boy who does exactly that. He'll happily scoff sausages or chomp chips but when it comes to broccoli or peas, Spike turns his nose up! EW!

His little sister loves peas and beans and cabbages, but Max is adamant that he'll never eat his greens.

On a trip to Grandpa's house, Spike and his sister learn how vegetables are grown - but when Grandpa pops off for an afternoon nap, strange things begin to happen in the greenhouse. The vegetables come to life!

Will Spike ever change his mind about the goodness in greenery and the value of veg? You'll have to read the book to find out!

Again, this is the sort of book that we absolutely love - with a story that's fun and engaging for children without feeling too preachy, and some really fun alternative names for our favourite veg (Charlotte of course loved the fact that the Shallot was called Charlotte!)

Mrs C really gets into her role as a veggie ambassador!
"I Don't Like Vegetables" by Mrs C is available from Pavilion Publishing.

About Mrs C

As a mother of three sons, Mrs C knows the importance of getting children to eat a healthy and well balanced diet….. she also knows the challenges and frustrations that arise when trying.

The whole idea behind I Don’t Like Vegetables was to introduce vegetables to children, without dictating to them. She hopes the book will inspire young children everywhere to try new vegetables and grow their own.

After self-publishing and selling out of 1000 copies of the book in 2012, Mrs C has now decided to work with Pavilion Publishing to continue her crusade to bring healthy eating to young children.

When Mrs C isn’t dressed as a carrot and attending schools to read her book, she likes walking her black labrador in the forest. Mrs C lives in North Dorset with her husband and sons.

Charlotte's best bit: Charlotte the Shallot and Carrie-Carrot. Also, giggling at Max wiping his muddy hands on his sister's dress. What a meanie!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Full of fun veggie characters, a touch of magic and a groovy veg-growing grandad. Vital vitamin-packed booky goodness when your child is a devoted salad-dodger (like Charlotte is!)

(Kindly sent to us for review by Pavilion Publishing and Mrs C)