Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Killer Gorilla by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross (Andersen Children's Books)

Killer Gorilla

Written by Jeanne Willis

Illustrated by Tony Ross

Published by Andersen Press

Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross truly are a stellar pairing. Pretty much everything they've ever done in children's books has been utterly and completely devoured by Charlotte in the most favourable terms. I rather liked the lightning-bolted look on her face when she spied "Killer Gorilla" nestling amongst the children's books in our local library.

"We have to have that!" she said in the sort of voice that made me realise we'd be reading this again and again over the space of the next few days. And read it we have.

When a mother mouse loses her tiny little baby mouse, she is distraught - but when a gigantic nasty killer gorilla chases her all around the world, she's beside herself with woe. No matter where she goes, the Gorilla seems to track her down, running after her with a look of sheer malice on his face.

She begins to suspect that her baby's fate is a grisly one, but must run for her life lest she end up a bite-sized gorilla snack.

Only, there is of course a delicious twist in this tale - which we won't ruin for you.

With a terrifying cover, and the most exciting and pacey story, this is definitely a killer book!

Charlotte's best bit: The gorilla, cornering poor mummy mouse near the end of the book ready to....oh, we can't look!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Expertly written, beautifully illustrated, and a top notch exciting and hair-raising chase! Wonderful!