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ReadItDaddy's Booky Advent Calendar - Dec 1st: "The Babar Collection" by Jean De Brunhoff (Egmont Publishing)

Booky Advent Calendar Day 1
The Babar Collection

Written and Illustrated by
Jean De Brunhoff

Published by Egmont UK

On the first booky day of christmas my true love read to me: The Babar Collection by Jean De Brunhoff.

As Christmas booky-stocking-fillers go, this is a mighty tome - befitting of the mighty Babar, King of the Elephants and one of the most well known and best loved children's book characters ever.

Babar is a whopping 80 years old (80!!) but you wouldn't know it, the stories are so brilliant and timeless that being able to read through this collection has been a huge treat. Collected together in a stylish binder, you can find out all about the suited and booted elephant supreme and his origins.

In "The Story of Babar" we learn how this curious and intelligent elephant left the jungle to seek his fortune in the big city. With no money and nowhere to live, Babar was luckily taken in by a rich and rather sweet old lady who befriended Babar, educated him and introduced him to civilisation and culture. Babar is a quick study, and when the old King of the Elephants dies suddenly, Elephantkind look to Babar to become their new leader.

With each story in the collection, we find out a little more about Babar's world - and experience the highs and lows of life for this wonderful character. Babar marries, has children and founds a marvellous Elephant city - and tying neatly in with our christmas theme, even meets Santa himself!

If you're new to Babar, this is definitely worth purchasing as you get a brilliant selection of stories to read to your little ones over the space of a few bedtimes (or, like us, to read all in one huge glorious gulp! Hooray!)

Jean De Brunhoff's meisterwork is still as vital and important to children's literature as ever, so truly don't miss out on the chance to enter the world of Babar. You'll want to stay till Christmas and beyond!

Charlotte's best bit: Babar's naughty little children who are always getting into trouble

Daddy's Favourite bit: A pleasant surprise to see Charlotte's reaction to Babar, proving how timeless and appealing this wonderful elephant still is. 80 years old and no signs of slowing down at all, love you Babar!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Egmont UK)

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