Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Monster Diaries by Luciano Sarancino and Poly Bernatene (Meadowside Children's Books)

The Monster Diaries

Written by Luciano Sarancino

Illustrated by Poly Bernatene

Published by Meadowside Children's Books

Like a gorgeously illustrated love letter to all those fabulous Universal Studios monsters I loved to bits as a kid, we have truly enjoyed "The Monster Diaries". Laid out, as you'd expect, like a series of diary entries, find out what stresses a Mummy out during the average day or how long a wolfman takes to brush their hair by the light of a silvery moon.

What does Dracula buy on visits to the supermarket?

And how on earth does Frankenstein's Monster cope with those yearly tune-up and bolt-tightening sessions?

All these questions and more are answered in "The Monster Diaries" - Just don't have nightmares!

Charlotte's best bit: Amusingly grossed out by the fact that Dracula drinks tomato juice (er, Charlotte, you do know what else vampires usually drink don't you?)

Daddy's Favourite bit: Brilliant diary entries, superbly funny and Poly Bernatene's art is always brilliant in everything he does so this is a huge winner of a book for us!