Monday, 2 December 2013

Yikes, Stinkysaurus! by Pamela Butchart and Sam Lloyd (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Yikes, Stinkysaurus!

Written by Pamela Butchart

Illustrated by Sam Lloyd

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing

Don't worry, we haven't gone completely christmassy - there's still room to squeeze in some reviews here and there, and here's a brilliant dino book that will have your little ones giggling (and might actually get them to wash their hands a bit more!)

"Yikes, Stinkysaurus!" tells the tale of a happy go lucky dinosaur who, and let's be honest here, is more than a bit whiffy. As much as his friends put up with his unpleasant ming, it's all getting a bit too much. He's dirty, his breath is the foulest thing on earth, and he really could use a good manicure.

So the dino friends hatch a plan. No dinosaur should be able to fell a T-Rex at 20 paces so they decide to make the bubbliest bubble bath ever, and trick StinkySaurus into falling right into it!

New author Pamela Butchart has teamed up with Sam Lloyd, who has a knack for producing the most vibrant and funny illustrations for children's books (who on earth can resist the lure of the hilarious "Calm Down, Boris!" - Kissy Kissy!)

This is knockabout fun, with a neat little message tucked into its scented folds. Love it!

Charlotte's best bit: Stinkysaurus ending up in a pink bubbly bath. Phew!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Funny, bouncy, a bit whiffy in places but brilliant stuff!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Bloomsbury Publishing)