Monday, 13 January 2014

Big Eyes, Scary Voice by Edel Wignell and Carl Pearce (Tamarind Books)

Big Eyes, Scary Voice

Written by Edel Wignell

Illustrated by Carl Pearce

Published by Tamarind Books

We're always interested in diverse and inclusive books, there's a vibrancy to titles that publishers like Tamarind have in their catalogue that makes stories and characters come alive. "Big Eyes, Scary Voice" was so eye-catching that we couldn't resist it when we came across it in our local library. The brother and sister who are the main characters in this book (along with their mum) enjoy a fabulous trip to the sort of park we truly wish was in our locale. Pacific Park is gorgeous but the children soon discover that there's something strange in the neighbourhood. They hear a sound, "Hoo Hoo" and they set out to find out the source of the odd noise.

Both brother and sister bravely venture deep into the woodland in the park, with mum not too far behind.

We're going to leave you to discover what the children find at the end of their journey, the story is gentle but with each turn of the page, we get closer to finding out who is "hoo hoo-ing".

Visually, this book is rich and colourful - the perfect book for younger children to get lost in.

Charlotte's best bit: Loving the fountain in the park.

Daddy's Favourite bit: A fabulous book full of vibrancy and colour. Great stuff.