Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Cake Girl by David Lucas (Andersen Children's Books)

Cake Girl

Written and Illustrated by
David Lucas

Published by Andersen Children's Books

David Lucas has a gift for tapping into fairy stories that feel like they've been with us for generations. In "Cake Girl" a wicked witch celebrates yet another birthday on her own. Frustrated and sad, she decides to create a life-sized cake girl to keep her company for the day, with the plan to scoff the poor baked lass once the day is over.

The witch constructs a sweet-toothed companion who is beautiful and wise, to dance for her and entertain her. But poor Cake Girl is scared of the witch and definitely doesn't like the sound of the witch's plans for her later on. Eek!

Lucas weaves a wonderful tale of friendship, and how even the most black-hearted soul can be won over by a fair (cakey) maiden and her plaintive cries for mercy. The witch befriends Cake Girl, promises not to eat her, and the two embark on adventures together as the witch discovers that it's much more fun to share fun and laughter with your companions than...well...eating them.

Beautifully drawn, dreamlike and fabulously original, Cake Girl wins the great ReadItDaddy Bake-Off every time.

Charlotte's best bit: Beautiful Cake Girl's newfound ability to change into anything she wants

Daddy's Favourite bit: A wonderful fairy tale that's beautifully simple, and simply beautiful