Friday, 17 January 2014

Blot and Og's Monster Party by Charles Fuge and Tasha Pym (Gullane Children's Books)

Blot and Og's Monster Party

Written by Charles Fuge

Illustrated by Tasha Pym

Published by Gullane Children's Books

You really truly can't go wrong with a good monster book. Every visit to the library, we end up with at least one or two in our book stack and Charles Fuge & Tasha Pym's colourful monster series are eye catching and not to be missed.

In "Blot and Og's Monster Party" a couple of monsters have a fairly comfortable life - but yearn to throw a huge celebratory bash. The only problem is, how on earth do you throw a party with only two

Blot and Og hatch a plan to invite monsters from all over their planet. But what would make monsters travel far and wide to come to a humble party?

"Think big" and so that's what Blot and Og do, bending the truth a little and making the party sound spectacular - before posting the invites far and wide to what sounds like the most spectacular event of the monster season.

There's a snag though - Blot and Og have been economic with the truth. They don't have amazing fireworks, they don't have a gigantic spread, they er...well actually come to think of it, they don't actually have a party at all! So what will happen when a thousand monsters turn up on the doorstep looking for a party? (Think what happens when dafties post their party details on Facebook - Probably something similar!)

You'll have to read the book to find out of course. It's a nice twist to the "Boy who Cried Wolf" idea, but feels wholly original and fun. We loved Tasha's monster creations, full of colour and life. Could not resist this one, could we!

Charlotte's best bit: What Blot and Og do when they realise

Daddy's Favourite bit: Blot and Og are naughty, but this excellent book teaches children what happens when you exaggerate!