Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Indie Pen-Dance Wednesday Part 2 - "Captain Sillyvoice and his Pirate Band" by Ruth Whenham and Emma K.L. Hunt (Mark Whenham Ltd)

Captain Sillyvoice and his Pirate Band

Written by Ruth Whenham

Illustrated by Emma K.L. Hunt

Published by Mark Whenham Ltd

We're suckers for a salty sea tale and we love pirate books. We couldn't resist Ruth Whenham's "Captain Sillyvoice and his Pirate Band" - after all, if there's one thing that brings reading aloud alive, it's doing so in a variety of silly voices.

Captain Sillyvoice is a pirate but while other pirates sail the seven seas plundering other ships, stashing treasure and generally being bad eggs, Captain Sillyvoice and his band love playing in the sand, building sand castles and having fun.

Other pirates may scoff and point derisively but perhaps there are other things that Captain Sillyvoice and his crew can turn their hands - or should I say their voices - to.

When the queen stops by with a plaintive request, it's up to Captain Sillyvoice and his Band to step into the breach, performing at an exclusive party.

How do the pirates get on when they turn on the talent?

We'll leave you to find out in Ruth's book. We loved the Captain, with his joie de vivre. Ruth's rhymes are fun, and Emma's illustrations are bold and colourful.

Charlotte loves a good pirate yarn and this is fun and gigglesome stuff. We really hope Captain Sillyvoice leads his band to more adventures soon!

"Captain Sillyvoice and his Pirate Band" is available through Amazon.

Don't forget to drop by Ruth's facebook page to see her other books too!

Charlotte's best bit: The beautiful queen who kickstart's Captain Sillyvoice's musical career

Daddy's Favourite bit: Ace fun, Captain Sillyvoice is a pirate with a difference! We hope there are more adventures from this talented pirate soon!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Ruth Whenham)