Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Indie Pen-Dance Wednesday - Spotlight on "Vicki's Wish" by Angela DiBartolomeo and Alex Scollay (CreateSpace Independent Publishing)

Vicki's Wish

Written by Angela DiBartolomeo

Illustrated by Alex Scollay

Published by CreateSpace Ind. Publishing

We've been following this independently published title for quite some time now, ever since a few panels from the story appeared in our Twitter feed. Thanks to Angela DiBartolomeo, we've now had a chance to take a look at the full version of "Vicki's Wish" and it's a stunning book with a really unique visual style.

The story of Vicki, a little girl drawn into a magical world of wonder when she wishes on a star one night as she's falling asleep.

She wakes up to find a magical fairy has appeared. The fairy needs someone strong and brave to help with a perilous quest and at first Vicki is reluctant. She's not strong and brave, but the fairy convinces her - and soon they're off on a fantastic journey to find out why the moon has lost some of its sheen.

You're instantly drawn into the story, with its gentle lyrical rhymes and of course the astonishing CGI visuals in the story - reminiscent of fantastic movies like those by Pixar or Dreamworks. Such visual richness means that the story really springs to life, children are in awe of the little details in each page spread, and can listen to mum or dad reading aloud (or if you've chosen the app version, have someone expertly read the story to you!)

As Vicki's tale unfolds, Charlotte was drawn to the core theme of the story which helps children deal with anxiety issues, and believe in themselves. Vicki's quest isn't only about restoring the moon's shine, but also digging deep into her own abilities. It's a really uplifting theme to help overcome self-doubt and perhaps seeing Vicki's inner strength shining through will positively inspire children to take a leaf out of Vicki's book.

It's a truly stunning book, but don't take our word for it. Find out more about Vicki's Wish yourself through the following links.

"Vicki's Wish" is now available on Amazon:

...and you can also obtain it for your iPhone or iPad via the iTunes store:

Here's an interview with the creative team behind "Vicki's Wish" on the talk show "Let Them Talk"

Don't forget to drop by the "Clever Mammals" Facebook page to find out more about "Vicki's Wish".

Charlotte's best bit: When the fairy first appears in Vicki's Room

Daddy's Favourite bit: Sumptuously produced, beautifully written and illustrated - Vicki's Wish sets a very high standard for self published titles.

(Kindly sent to us in digital form for review by Angela DiBartolomeo)