Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Miss Dorothy-Jane was Ever So Vain by Julie Fulton and Jona Jung (Maverick Publishing)

Miss Dorothy-Jane was Ever So Vain

Written by Julie Fulton

Illustrated by Jona Jung

Published by Maverick Publishing

We've been following Julie Fulton's "Ever So" Series, absolutely hilarious rhyming books usually with a good moral tale woven between comedic moments. "Mrs Macready Was Ever So Greedy" is still a much-demanded bedtime favourite as is "Tabitha Posy Was Ever So Nosy" so can Julie and Jona keep up the momentum with a third book? You bet they can!

Miss Dorothy Jane is - well, as the title suggests, ever so vain and can't bear to leave the house without being topped out in the latest fashions. Her hair must be just so. Her make-up perfect. So when The Queen decides to visit Hamilton Shady for a grand opening, Dorothy-Jane immediately starts thinking about a new outfit. Hamilton Shady's most delightful citizen will get to meet the queen herself and Dorothy-Jane wants to make sure that she's the one chosen!

"Look Daddy there's Mrs Macready!" - Charlotte

You'd expect a self-obsessed fashion victim to be a bit of a bad egg but there's a surprise in store! As we've said, Julie's books are funny but as we follow Dorothy-Jane's attempts to keep her outfit, hair and makeup in tip-top condition on a fairly hazardous trip to the opening ceremony, something happens that  completely changes our perception of Miss Dorothy Jane. We'll leave you to find out what that is, of course.

Julie and Jona are a match made in booky heaven. Julie's rhymes trip off the tongue perfectly, and Jona's artwork is beautiful and colourful and laden with deft little touches of humour (and we loved Tabitha Posy and Mrs Macready making the odd cameo here and there too!)

"Would you have rescued the dog, Charlotte?" - Daddy
"Yes, but I wouldn't want to meet the Queen (!)" - Charlotte

Charlotte's best bit: Miss Dorothy Jane's utterly perfect outfits.

Daddy's Favourite bit: A genuine pleasure to read aloud and a great little moral message woven deftly into the humour. Another triumph for Julie and Jona. 

(Kindly sent to us for review by Maverick Publishing)