Friday, 31 January 2014

ReadItDaddy's Book of the Week - Week ending 31st January 2014: "My Grandpa's Beard" by Joshua Seigal and Chris White (Yabby Books)

My Grandpa's Beard

Written by Joshua Seigal

Illustrated by Chris White

Published by Yabby Books

I can usually tell when a book is going to be "Book of the Week" when Charlotte lovingly totes it around with her. Now she can read, it's fantastic when she comes trotting up when I'm cooking or doing the washing up, and says "Listen to this one! Listen to this one!"

Joshua Seigal (who was an awesome guest blogger here last year when he wrote something for our "Poetry" theme week) has compiled a collection of his poems that will tickle your funny bone, toy with your emotions or (in one or two cases) have parents wriggling with embarrassment as their little darlings read them out loud.

Though Joshua's book is illustrated (wonderfully by Chris White) it's all about the poems for Charlotte and it's been unusual to see her engaged with the text as the main lure rather than the pictures (as is often the case when we review picture books).

Reading "There's a bee in the classroom" had her giggling, and of course she took great pleasure in reading "My dad is bald" out loud to me once she'd discovered it (charming! I don't think covering my head in mulched ants is going to bring back my luxurious locks, alas).

Joshua's energy and sense of fun must be a real wow to experience, when he does school visits. Children love the cleverness of rhyme, and the challenge of writing a poem that flows even at a fairly early age (Charlotte was delighted to find that the book had spaces at the back for your own poetry but we're pretty funny about writing in books, we can't stand to think of them being defaced but if you're going to scribble in books, writing a poem might just be allowable!)

We also loved the poem about teaching, and about what teachers do for you - because they care about you, and want to make you a better person (confirming what we already knew - just how awesome teachers really are).

We've had a week of Charlotte reading and enjoying these and we can tell that she's going to be picking out rhymes to randomly recite for some time to come. Fantastic work Joshua!

Charlotte's best poem: A very shouty recital of "THERE'S A BEE IN THE CLASSROOM!"

Daddy's Favourite poem: "I'm sorry" (I mean, who hasn't ever had a crush on their teacher?)

(Very kindly sent to us for review by Joshua Seigal)