Friday, 17 January 2014

Spotlight on Springboard Stories Issue 9 - "Codes"

Springboard Stories Issue 9 - "Codes" with fab illustrations by Becka Moor
Those lovely folk over at Springboard Stories know our weaknesses. Issue 9 just dropped through our letterbox and we have fallen head over heels in love with it.

For starters, one of our Illustration heroes - Becka Moor - provides illustrations for "Rosa's Code" - a brilliant debut children's story by Luke Swann (who is destined for great things if this is his first foray into children's books). Becka's work also appears throughout this informative edition of Springboard Stories too (Charlotte absolutely adored the rather foxy Dr Watson in the story - and you will too!)

Secondly, another of our heroes takes centre stage in the magazine with an utterly wonderful A2 poster and lots of information about the world's first computer programmer, Countess Ada Lovelace. Charlotte loved the poster so much, and loved hearing about Ada (Daddy's a complete geek so we'd already talked about her long before the magazine turned up). 

Ada Lovelace - Geek Girl Supreme!
Thirdly, another one of our illustrative heroes - Richard Collingridge - has come up with a fab feature for arty folk on how to draw portraits. Something I'm very interested in at the moment!

"Codes" are the theme for this issue, and we've loved exploring codes and ciphers with the many activities and resources for teachers and parents that are included in Issue 9. Learning about the Rosetta stone and how it was pivotal to decoding heiroglyphics, and of course finding out all about the programming resources available to children even from a very young age was brilliant fun. 

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