Thursday, 20 February 2014

Happiness is a Watermelon on your Head by Daniel Hahn and Stella Dreis (Phoenix Yard Books)

Happiness is a Watermelon on your Head

Written by Daniel Hahn

Illustrated by Stella Dreis

Published by Phoenix Yard Books

It's crazy, it's a bit kooky, and it's the sort of book that sings out at us when we're browsing our local library stacks. What is happiness? Well happiness can be defined in lots of ways - and in this story we find out what happens when nosy neighbours want to know the secret of why their friend is always so happy-go-lucky, why her glass is always half full and not half empty, and why she's always full of the joys of spring.

They spy on her, they even try to emulate her behaviour - but could the answer be as simple as the nose on your face?

Daniel Hahn's crazy nonsense text coupled with Stella Dreis' wonderful colourful and surreal characters make this book a rare treat. It almost leaps off the page with energy and effervescence, and if you're feeling a little grumpy and down in the dumps, perhaps you need to slide a big ol' piece of fruit onto your nogging too!

Charlotte's best bit: Poor Melvin!!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Bonkers, crazy, surreal but wonderful!