Thursday, 13 February 2014

Look! A Book! by Bob Staake (Little, Brown Young Readers)

Look! A Book!

Written and Illustrated by
Bob Staake

Published by Little, Brown Young Readers

Bob Staake's zany effervescence is fantastic, and we can't get enough of his brilliant cartoonish creations. In "Look! A Book!" children will find so much to see and do that it's difficult to know what to concentrate on first.

Using page cut-outs and rhymes to guide you to each double spread full of fun, there's a ton to discover amongst each busy set of crazy characters, vroomtastic vehicles and more than a few surprises.

There's a rather neat idea once you think you've finished too. The book urges you to go back and find all the things you might have missed. A list of common objects is hidden in each spread - and you can fold the list 'up and over' for reference. Can you find all the pizza slices and bowling pins, for instance?

A fabulous smorgasbord of observation and fun. We definitely want to hunt down the second in the series (Look! Another book!) and can't wait to see more of Bob's brilliant work.

Charlotte's best bit: Taking ages to find a cat dressed as a clown, or the tiniest robot in the world.

Daddy's Favourite bit: Full of fun, love Bob's Zany retro-futurist style. What a great little book to while away a rainy saturday afternoon!