Thursday, 27 February 2014

Wanda and the Alien to the Rescue by Sue Hendra (Red Fox Picture Books)

Wanda and the Alien to the Rescue

Written and Illustrated by
Sue Hendra

Published by Red Fox Picture Books

Sue Hendra's books are always such a treat! Bold, colourful, full of fun and giggles - and a pinch or two of cheekiness never goes amiss. It's great news to hear that Wanda and the Alien are soon to become megastars of their own children's TV show - but let's enjoy them here in book form first!

Wanda the Rabbit and her best friend (who just happens to be an alien) find a fuzzy and cute little creature who looks lost and alone. The poor little mite (eliciting coos of "Awww, he's so so CUTE!" from Charlotte) does look scared and hungry, so Wanda and the Alien decide to take the creature back home with them.

Neither Wanda or the Alien has ever had a pet before - what on earth do you feed them? How do you stop them from scampering off into the garden? And why do they only like eating custard! Surely that's not good for little alien tummies is it?

We love Sue's books, we've seen fish with fish fingers, we've seen snails with crazy shells and a cat with a magic hat - and here in the first of a whole series of books and TV episodes for Wanda and the Alien, a nice little tale of friendship and fuzziness. We absolutely loved the way this ends too - like a manic homage to Star Trek's "The Trouble with Tribbles!"

Charlotte's best bit: Charlotte fell absolutely in love with the tiny little creature and his cute custard-scoffing ways

Daddy's Favourite bit: Sue's magic touch with children's books is once again your guarantee that your kids will absolutely love this story!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Red Fox Picture Books)