Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Who's in the Tree that Shouldn't Be by Craig Shuttlewood (Templar Publishing)

Who's in the tree that shouldn't be?

Written and Illustrated by
Craig Shuttlewood

Published by Templar Publishing

Charlotte has a charming weakness for lift the flap books. Curiosity and discovery are cat-nip to kidlets, and though technically she's probably a little too old for "Who's in the tree that shouldn't be", she couldn't get enough of it.

On each page spread, a scene is laid out as the story asks "Who's in the tree that shouldn't be" or "Who on earth is stranded in the hot desert sun that doesn't belong there?"

We loved the complete chaos as a slowly growing rag-tag group of animals are discovered with every page turn and every lift of the flap, journeying to the distant corners of the earth and beyond out into space (the space bit was definitely our fave, as was spotting the flying saucer on each page!)

The layouts in the book are great, allowing for plenty of discovery and discussion. An utterly fabulous page-turner for diddy little digits. Delectable!

Charlotte's best bit: Noting that the animals were sensible enough to wear space suits and diving suits! Clever animals!

Daddy's Favourite bit: Great engagement with this one, Charlotte still loves these.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Templar Publishing)