Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Catch up with Tiny the Giant's next adventure. Time to eat the moon!

Tiny the Giant - I Will Eat the Moon by Dom Conlon and Nicola Anderson (Inkology)

Dom Conlon at Inkology dropped by to tell us about Tiny the Giant's next big adventure.

In "I Will Eat The Moon" Tiny and the aforementioned spheroid have a bit of a falling out over who is biggest. Tiny takes great objection to the moon's jibes, so it's time to settle the score. With a handy beanstalk to climb, Tiny vows - "I WILL EAT THE MOON!". With text by Dom and illustrations by Nicola Anderson, it's a gorgeous little book and immense fun to read aloud.

We featured Tiny the Giant's first outing "I Am A Giant" as part of Indie Pen-Dance Wednesday a little while ago.

You can catch up with Tiny's adventures on your favourite e-book device and in print form really soon. We'll also be reviewing Tiny's latest antics so watch out for an upcoming article.

Visit the Inkology website for more information