Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Celebrating Thursday's World Book Day with a review of "Poems for Children" (Miles Kelly Publishing)

Poems for Children

Edited by Belinda Gallagher

Published by Miles Kelly Publishing

What better way to celebrate World Book Day than with a fantastic collection of poems for children, a big thick weighty book - just how we like our poetry collections!

To celebrate World Book Day a little early, we entered into a rather mysterious event with other bloggers, each choosing a book for a mystery blogger recipient. Someone obviously knows us very well because they chose "Poems for Children" for us. A huge collection of tons of our favourite poems, covering many different subjects.

Classic authors are very well represented in this book, everyone from Edward Lear to Rudyard Kipling, from Lewis Carroll to Kate Greenaway. There truly is something for everyone in here.

Nice to see a lovely colourful cover from one of our twit-mates, Mark Chambers too!

You can grab your very own copy of this wonderful collection from the Miles Kelly Website.

Happy World Book Day for Thursday everyone!

Charlotte's favourite Poem: "The Cats have Come to Tea" by Kate Greenaway

Daddy's Favourite Poem: Edward Lear's wonderful "There was an old man"

(Kindly sent to us for review as part of World Book Day by Miles Kelly Publishing)