Monday, March 10, 2014

Freddie and Gingersnap by Vincent X. Kirsch (Disney Hyperion)

Freddie and Gingersnap

Written and Illustrated by
Vincent X. Kirsch

Published by Disney Hyperion

It's William Shakespeare's 450th birthday soon (though we don't want to be the poor soul who puts all those candles on his cake). His best loved work is still as hugely influential as ever, and you can see touches of "Romeo and Juliet" in this touching and funny tale.

Rather than "Romeo, Romeo" you could be saying "Freddie, Freddie" as we meet a young dinosaur who is tiny but gutsy. One day Freddie meets his Juliet, in the form of a dragon called Gingersnap. Poor Gingersnap wishes she could fly like all the other dragons, while Freddie wishes he was a little bigger - just like all his dino-cousins.

The two meet and become firm friends. Both are able to overlook each other's shortcomings, and soon with the aid of Freddie, Gingersnap realises her dream - to soar into the clouds. She won't do it alone though, she'll take Freddie along with her for the ride.

A fabulous little tale for children, describing building confidence and self-esteem with two great little characters destined to become firm favourites. Hark, what light from yonder...cactus breaks!

Charlotte's best bit: Freddie's creative 'flying' which is actually like Buzz Lightyear's "falling with style"

Daddy's Favourite bit: Shades of Romeo and Juliet, a lovely touching tale of friendship and supportiveness

(Kindly sent to us for review by Disney Hyperion)

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