Wednesday 26 March 2014

Indie Pen-Dance Wednesday. Come with us on a journey through your imagination with "256 Postcards Ago" by Michelle Vinall (Amazon Self Publishing)

256 Postcards Ago

Written and Illustrated by
Michelle Vinall

Published by Amazon Self Publishing

Welcome to today's Indie Pen-Dance slot, and we've a real treat in store with a look at an eye-catching and imaginative book from a supremely talented artist and writer.
Michelle Vinall's "256 Postcards Ago" is a dreamy voyage through a child's imagination, turning the ordinary everyday world into a scintillating and exciting dreamscape.

256 Postcards Ago. (Image © Michelle Vinall)

With his best friends in tow, the amazing Anubis-like Ludo, the fluffy cloud-like elephantine Ollie and a cute green bug called Digit, a young boy called Nicholas embarks on a quest to touch the stars.

Presented in sumptuous illustrated spreads with rhyming couplets, the story really caught our eye and reminded us why we love dipping into self-published books so much.

Michelle has woven a world that simultaneously feels both dream-like and familiar. Though at times some of the rhymes are tricky to read aloud and don't quite 'flow', the story doesn't suffer for that at all - in fact keeping the word count to a minimum has the double benefit of allowing Michelle's visuals to do the talking, and means that children can more directly engage with the tale, weaving their own stories around it as Ludo, Ollie, Digit and the boy make their way through the sleepy seaside town.

Time for a race through the town! (Image © Michelle Vinall)

"256 Postcards Ago" is available from Michelle's Website - 

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Please stop by Michelle's inspirational website for more of her glorious artwork and stories.

Charlotte's best bit: Ludo, the Anubis-like character who is effortlessly graceful, leaping across rooftops

Daddy's Favourite bit: Glorious artwork, and a story showing that even the everyday and mundane can be turned into an adventure, if you only let your imagination off the leash for a while

(Very kindly sent to us for review by Michelle Vinall)