Thursday, 27 March 2014

Keeping you in "The Loop" as fantastic kids magazine relaunches with a new format

The Loop Issue 5 - Full of brilliance!
We've championed this fabulous magazine before on the blog (check out our review of Issues 3 and 4) but it's all change for Issue 5 of "The Loop" with a whole new format for kids who like to think and make.

Like an explosion of activities, facts, features and news, The Loop is a brilliant collectable magazine that is predominantly aimed at children from 9-12 years, but Charlotte (an inquisitive 6 year old with a love of all the things mentioned on the cover there) absolutely loves it too.

We'll be diving in for a closer look at The Loop Issue 5 very soon, but in the meantime, do stop by The Loop Website for subscription details and pricing - and if you're a local independent bookseller or newsagent, perhaps look into stocking this fab mag yourselves!