Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Off to the Park by Stephen Cheetham (Child's Play Books)

Off to the Park

Written and Illustrated by
Stephen Cheetham

Published by Child's Play Books

What an adventure going to the park is when you're a tiddler. We're lucky enough to have several good ones around us, and it's still something we do on a sunday when we want to get some fresh air, burn off some energy and swing on the swings (Adults: Isn't one of the best things about having kids the fact that no one gives you filthy looks when you go on the swings and roundabouts yourself?)

Stephen Cheetham's fab book "Off to the Park" recreates the excitement in a book for younger children, full of textures and bold images, complimentary colours and plenty of opportunity for imaginative interaction.

Youngsters will love hearing grown-ups read the words, then exploring the textures with curious little fingers. The roughness of the path to follow, the cold metal of the slide ladder - and of course pressing the button to the zebra crossing (something that children seriously never grow out of!)

I love the fact that there's lots here for sight-impaired kids too, who can touch the textures - and using the innovative braille numbers on each page, count and learn as they enjoy the book too.

Even at 6 years old, Charlotte was drawn to this book for the illustrations and the touchy-feely stuff (she used to really love the "That's Not My" series).

Really great stuff from a publisher who excels at producing utterly brilliant books as diverse and amazing as children are themselves.

Charlotte's best bit: The big red ball and the zebra crossing button!

Daddy's Favourite bit: A superb quality fun book celebrating something that children often take for granted but never pass up the opportunity to enjoy - even in book form!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Child's Play Books)