Monday, 31 March 2014

Tilly's At Home Holiday by Gillian Hibbs (Child's Play Books)

Tilly's At Home Holiday

Written and Illustrated by
Gillian Hibbs

Published by Child's Play Books

As a child, it's all too easy to take things for granted - or to feel a little envious when other kids seem to have more toys than you, or even go on holiday when you're stuck at home.

Tilly's mum comes up with a great idea when Tilly is feeling a little down in the dumps after hearing all her classmates talking about their summer plans. A wonderful mum, she comes up with an imaginative way for the two to have a very special holiday. A holiday at home!

Tilly is sceptical at first, but soon gets into the swing of things as mum finds a multitude of different ways to have fun, most of which don't even require stepping off your own front doorstep.

Gillian Hibbs deals with a sensitive subject here with deft subtlety, and it's a subject that I'm all too familiar with. We had very little as kids, my sister and I, and there were times we felt like Tilly - like the whole world was embarking on some grand adventure while we kicked our heels. My mum worked extremely hard just like Tilly's and it's thanks to her always ensuring that we had books, and pens, and paper, and things to do, that we grew up curious and ready to learn, to embrace life and the world and never take anything as read.

We love the fabulous colour illustrations in this, and the fact that Tilly has plenty to tell her friends all about her summer when she goes back to school.

Charlotte's best bit: Tilly and Mum making the most amazing tent in Tilly's room for a spot of indoor glamping

Daddy's Favourite bit: Fantastic and imaginative stuff. Hope we haven't read this one wrong but the core theme is something that really spoke to me about my own childhood. Quite stunningly so, in fact.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Child's Play Books)