Wednesday 23 April 2014

Early Reader Roundup - Check out a trio of treats from OUP and Little, Brown

Charlie Merrick's Misfits by Dave Cousins (Oxford University Press)

Now Charlotte's making the transition from picture books to "big and propah" readers, we've truly got the pick of some absolute smashers at the moment. They might take us a while to chip away at, but our reading pile is increasing. So here's a quick look at a tasty trio to tempt you with. 

First, for the footie mad girl or boy in the family, check out Charlie Merrick's Misfits, written and illustrated by Dave Cousins. The Misfits are a multi-race multi-sex group of footie-mad kids, and stars of an adventure story with a kick. Meet Nathan, Sam, Oscar, Charlie, Miko, Jas, Donut, Gerbil, Mole and Jack ready to do battle in Fouls, Friends and Football. 

The book is brilliantly designed, a cornucopia of kickabout chaos - Charlotte dug in and started hooting with laughter after about a page or two - Obviously a good sign. I really liked the fact that the illustrations and comic layouts (and brilliant "top trumps" style insets) broke up the walls of text nicely, perfect for kids like Charlotte who are making the giant leap from more pictorial content. 

Catch up with Charlie Merrick's Misfits on 1st May 2014 from Oxford University Press - and more books are planned throughout 2015. Cool!

Next, here's something completely different...!

Ever After High - The Unfairest of them All by Shannon Hale (Little, Brown)
Delving deep into fairy story mythos and finding out just what happened to all those well loved story characters when they grew up, got married and had kids of their own. "Ever After High" is the hugely popular story series from Shannon Hale, and we catch up with Book 2 and Apple White (Snow White's daughter) and Raven Queen (The Evil Queen's offspring) who pick up pretty much where their parents left off! 

Ever After High is slowly building up a cult following, and it's a brilliant transition series for your princess-mad girls (and boys of course!) who want to discover a whole new story universe for themselves. 

"The Unfairest of them All" is out on 8th May 2014. Catch up with the series now!

Last but by no means least, let's armageddon-it!

Disaster Diaries - Aliens by R. McGeddon and Jamie Littler (Little, Brown)
Disaster Diaries - Aliens by R. McGeddon (interesting name!) with illustrations from Jamie Littler is a rollicking supernatural adventure. We've seen the crazy crew of Sam, Arty and Emmie survive a zombie holocaust but what happens when visitors from another planet decide to invade? 

This insanely funny series will appeal to children who love books like "Gangster Granny" and "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". Join the gang as they defend their sleepy little town (and its slightly dozy grown-ups) from insane nefarious alien dudes from a planet beyond Uranus!

"Disaster Diaries - Aliens!" by R.McGeddon and Jamie Littler is out from Little, Brown on 8th May 2014. 

We'll be doing a few more 'big book' roundups soon, so watch out for them! Happy reading, dudes and duderinos. 

(Books kindly sent to us by Little Brown and Oxford University Press)